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Introducing Philip Johnson

Philip is an experienced software developer. He started as a developer in 1983, was chief technical officer of an insurance software house 1986-88, has been in business as a database and software consultant since late 1988 and has worked with .NET and the web since 2003 for businesses large and small, including many household names.

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Specialising in

Web Development

Web development with C# and ASP.NET


Projects developed using Agile methodologies


The Windows Azure cloud has come of age

What do customers have to say?

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A Customer

Philip has a unique way of approaching analysis and design. His ideas and solutions are quite exquisite.

Another Customer

I would just like to say I have enjoyed working with you immensely and will miss your input to the project - which I feel has benefitted greatly from your expertise.

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Approach and Benefits

Listening is Important

It is very important to understand the requirements of any application and of the business that will use it. While a developer will never understand as much about the business as a domain expert, it is very important not to make assumptions or jump to conclusions.

Ease of Use

Applying more experience to your software development project shows throughout, allowing the simplest, cleanest user interface that is reflected through the entire software.

High Class Design

Reflecting business requirements throughout the design of all components results in minimal, readable code that is easy to amend and maintain.

Standards Compliant

Comply with current best practices and patterns from Microsoft, Robert Martin's SOLID, Martin Fowler and others.


Cleanliness of design and coding means reliable software that can run for years without problems.


There is usually no need to rewrite well designed software, because it can be easily and safely changed to keep up with changing business requirements.

Cost Effective

Applying best practice software development results in the greatest benefit for the lowest possible cost.